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Whitening your teeth is as easy as becoming a new patient at Essence Dental Aurora.  Enjoy a complete exam and cleaning and you are automatically enrolled in to our lifetime whitening program.  


Once the dentist assesses whether whitening is right for you, an impression of your teeth will be taken by one of our Dental Assistants.  The impressions are then used to create a set of custom whitening trays just for you.  Custom trays ensure that the whitening gel adheres to the unique shape of your teeth and creating a superior result compared to a strip or tray you can buy at the store.  


Stop by a few days later for a quick lesson and to pick up your whitening kit, and you're 7 days away from a whiter, brighter smile!


And here's the best part:  maintain your regular 6 or 9 month dental cleaning & check up schedule as recommended by your dental team, and we will give you a touch up kit, for FREE.  This means a whiter, brighter smile, FOR LIFE and all because you decided to join the Essence Dental Aurora family.

Contact us today to book your appointment!


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