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Children's Dentistry at Essence Dental Aurora.  Your Aurora Dentist


When it comes to kids, any new experience can be frightening, so it's important to introduce these experiences gradually.  We want their first visit at Essence Dental Aurora to be a fun one; take a ride in the chair and familiarize themselves with the environment.  That way going to the dentist will be positive lifelong experiences.  

The best time to come for this visit is when the teeth first come in.  This way we can teach Moms and Dads how to take care of the teeth.  Once all teeth have come in (around age 2), they should be coming in for regular 6 month checkups.  

The first group of baby teeth fall out around 6-8 years old.  The remaining baby teeth don't fall out until age 10-12 years old.  So take care of these teeth as they are important for holding the space for the adult teeth coming in.  Brush two times a day and start flossing when the teeth start to touch each other.  

At Essence Dental, we believe in a Tell, Show, Do approach.  We like the children to know what is happening so that they will understand that there is really nothing to be afraid of.  If a child is still anxious, laughing gas is readily available.  

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