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It's Sportsguard Season!

Summer is over, and in Canada that means it’s now hockey season or Sportsguard season, as we like to call it. We often get asked why parents should opt for a custom sportsguard for their kids, especially when kids grow, lose teeth and get new ones at a sometimes alarming rate. There are lots of really great reasons to get your child fitted with a custom sportsguard, but most boil down to fit, function and protection.

They Just Fit & Function Better:

Store bought Over the Counter or Boil-and-Bite sportsguards provide some protection and are usually at a low cost. The tradeoff is that they are usually not comfortable, ill-fitting and inhibit talking or breathing. Over time, they tend to lose their shape because of wear or habits (things that don’t fit well tend to be chewed or played with which means they’re not being worn correctly) and will offer less protection from injury.

Custom sportsguards are vacuum formed around a model of your child’s teeth. They are made to stay in place! With a properly fitted sportsguard, your child will be better able to breathe and speak with ease. They are less bulky, smaller and because they are more comfortable, it is more likely your child will wear the guard correctly mitigating the chance of injury.

They Offer Better Protection:

Wearing a properly fitted sportsguard helps protect your child from injuries associated with face and head trauma including cuts, facial and oral trauma, jaw fracture, tooth fracture or loss, injuries and disorders involving the TMJ and brain injuries (concussions). A properly fitted sportsguard cushions, absorbs and deflects the force of blows to the face and mouth. Guards that aren’t custom fit often leave spaces between the guard and teeth which will lessen their ability to protect. The difference between a sportguard available in any sports store and a custom sportsguard could mean the difference between a minor bump you ice at home and a visit to your local hospital or our dental office.

Sportsguards Aren’t Just for Hockey!

Sportsguards are synonomus with hockey, but kids who do MANY other sports can also benefit from a sportsguard because they protect from not only tooth and facial trauma but also concussions and other injuries. Consider a sportsguard for your child if they are in:

· Hockey

· Football

· Lacrosse

· Basketball

· Soccer

· Field hockey

· Rugby

· Skiing/snowboarding

· Baseball

· Martial Arts

· Even sledding!

Are you considering a custom sportsguard for your child?

Getting fitted for a custom sportsguard is super easy and not as expensive as you might think. Just book an appointment for a 15 minute impression, pick a colour, give us a week (or less!) to get it made right here in our office and voila! Custom-fitted protection for your child all for $30.

There's no doubt a custom sportsguard is a sound investment in protecting your child from injury. Play hard, but keep your teeth!

The Essence Dental Team

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