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If you are nervous about seeing a dentist because you are afraid or embarrassed of your teeth, you are not alone. Perhaps you had a bad experience, or have heard horror stories from co-workers. Maybe you have seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Whatever the reason, our dental team can help you manage those fears to allow you to take care of your teeth. The longer you put off that dental visit, the worse the dental condition will become and may make future visits more difficult.

Here are some tips on what you can do to make your dental visit easier.

1. Speak up

Let us know about your anxiety. Do you prefer to know what is going on or would you rather not know? Would you like frequent breaks? A simple hand signal will let us know to stop. You are in control of the dental visit.

2. Distraction

Our rooms are equipped with ceiling televisions with a range of entertainment options. You are welcome to bring your own music. Keep your hands busy to distract yourself - ask us for a fidget spinner.

3. Sedation

Laughing gas is an easy way to relax you during your dental appointment. It is quickly reversible and is an effective way to calm your anxiety while still allowing you to communicate with us.

No matter what method works for you, just remember that the team at Essence Dental are here to help you achieve a healthier and happier smile!

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