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Your Child's Tooth is Knocked Out. Do You Know What To Do?

TRUE STORY. On Sunday, my husband was at a Burger King in Markham with the kids in the play area. I receive a phone call and all I can hear is crying in the background. My heart sinks. "Is it one of my kids?" He explains that a little girl fell down and lost her tooth and asks me what to do. I told him to put the tooth in milk and then started contacting the dentists I know in the area. No one is open. So the little girl came to Essence Dental Aurora with bloody tissues over her mouth and tears in her eyes. She was scared, but watching Teen Titans on the ceiling tv really helped. In no time, the tooth was reinserted and bonded. The parents were instructed to put her on a soft diet and use ice packs for her swollen lip.

This can happen to anyone. The earlier the tooth is reinserted, the higher the chances are that the tooth will reattach. Place the tooth in MILK and find a dentist as soon as possible. If your dentist is not available, there is a Dental Emergency Clinic in Newmarket on Davis Drive that is open every day.

Happy parenting!

Dr. Connie

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